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Huey PC Remote Control Questions And Answers


Im new to computing and dont have a clue how to setup remote control

If you want to setup remote control so you can remote control your home computer from work for example, there are some obstacles that may need to be overcome. In the following paragraphs, 'Remote Computer'  refers to the computer you want to connect and remote control.

a/ Has the 'remote computer' got a fixed ip address.  If you dont know, check out its real ip address by going here from the 'remote computer' then check it again a couple days later.  If the ip address is different, you will need know the ip address of 'remote computer' before connecting or use a free third party DNS service like DynDNS that will give you a permanent connection address for the 'remote computer' (ex: - They have software that runs on the 'remote computer' to advise DynDNS of its latest ip address.

b/ Does the internet provider for the 'remote computer' block incoming connections. Some internet providers block incoming connections in an effort to stop people from running their own web server.  If you are unsure, just ask them (explain you want it for remote controlling). If they block all incoming connections then you will need find a new internet provider that will not block incoming connections.

c/ Is there a router box connected to the 'remote computer' - some common names for routers are D-link, Cisco, Billion, engin, Linksys etc.  If a router is involved it can become a bit tricky as you will need configure the router to send any remote control packets it recieves on port 2200 to port 2200 of the 'remote computer'.

To do this you will need get out your router documentation and look up "NAT" or "Port forwarding".  If you have problems you may find it helpfull to check out google newsgroups with the name/model of you router and the words "Port fowarding"  and also try "NAT".  If at a loss you may want to also check out DMZ but make sure you have a firewall installed as configuring the 'remote computer' into the dmz zone opens up your pc to the internet.

d/ Does the 'remote computer' have a firewall installed. Many firewalls behave differently when a connection comes through so you will need to check the firewall documentation or their online faq to determine how to set the firewall to allow a connection through to the huey service on port 2200. If you have problems here check out google newsgroups with the name of you firewall and the words "firewall"  and "blocking".

e/ Does the network where you start the huey client to begin the remote control session allow outging connections. Some locations (work offices) may be very strict on secuirty and only allow http requests out. If they block outgoing connections there is little you can do except use a remote control product that works through a browser.

When it is time to test the Huey Software, you will need to configure the huey client to connect to the ip address obtained from 'remote computer' when you checked out its real ip address or if using a third party DNS Service, the DNS address (ex: you were issued. Note that if you are testing connection from the 'remote computer' to the 'remote computer' through a router it often fails as the majority of routers will not NAT with connections behind the router - the connection must begin from the internet.

If the connection fails then you will need check your router log (most routers log connections so check the router documentation to find where the logs are kept) and/or check out the firewall logs on the 'remote computer'.

If you fail to setup remote control and are at a loss, I would suggest getting outside help - paid service or even a family friend who is skilled in computer networking and router configuration to assist. Do not think you are a failure as many experts have problems with it as well.

What IP addresses can be used through the internet

Because of limits in the number of IP addresses available in the world, many corporations use non public IP addresses that can only be used within a corporation, they cannot be used through the internet. If your remote computer has an ip address in the following range then you will not be able to connect to it directly using its ip address across the internet: - - -

So what do you do if you want to connect to a computer with a non public ip address - you need to find the ip address of your firewall (protecting the non public addresses) and arrange with the manager of the firewall to forward firewall connections either using socks or NAT translations to your remote pc. In the case you would configure the huey client to connect to the firewall. Click here to find your real IP address.

How can I print during a remote session

You can use printer sharing (Microsoft networking) to add your local printer to the remote computer. When printing select your local printer as the destination printer

Cannot connect to a remote computer running Windows XP

Windows XP has its own built in firewall that could be blocking Huey. Instructions on checking your XP firewall can be found at:;EN-US;q283673
Thanks to Pete Chiccarino for supplying this information.

I cannot connect to my work computer through a firewall

Most organizations use firewalls to protect their computers from hackers. Speak to your computer/network support at work and question them about their firewall. Most firewalls can easily be configured to allow authorised connections through, if your work firewall uses socks authentication, ask for a socks login and password so you can connect to your work computer ip/port through the firewall. If not then ask if they can set nat translation to forward connections at the firewall to your internal work computer ip/port.

If they setup a socks login/password for you, set the socks login/password in the huey client under socks authentication when you setup the connection. When using socks authentication you can set the IP/Port to the IP and Port of your internal work computer.

If they configure a NAT connection for you, then set your huey client to connect to the IP/Port of the firewall advised by your Network support officer. When you connect to the firewall, it should automatically forward the network packets received at the firewall to the IP/Port of your work computer.

How do I press Ctrl-Alt-Del to login to the remote computer

Examine "Key Options" in the help file. It lists what keys can be used during connection to a remote computer. The F10 key is the default key for Ctrl-Alt-Del

How to setup Huey Client to run in a Flash Drive

By default the Huey client will read/save configuration files in a document directory on your hard drive. To override this behavior, create an empty file called "hueycli.dat" in the flash drive using notepad. The Huey client will look for a file called hueycli.dat in the directory where huey.exe exists, if the file exists it will use that directory as the document directory to read/save connection configuration files.

How do I update to latest version

All upgrades are free for registered users, just drop me an email with your registered user name and I will advise where to download the latest version.

Zone Alarm doesnt accept mouse clicks or keystrokes

Zone Alarm disables control of its interface from remote programs. To allow Huey to respond to Zone Alarm popups, open the Zone Alarm client, select overview, preferences, and then uncheck 'Protect the Zone Alarm Client'.

Connection Fails after 10 to 20 Minutes

Harold reported that "Smart Packet Filtering" setting in his cable modem may have been responsible for causing connection problems.


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GID Software provides software for pc remote control and helpdesk requirements. Remote Computing for Business and Home Users. GID Software provides software for pc remote control and helpdesk requirements. Remote Computing for Business and Home Users. GID Software provides software for pc remote control and helpdesk requirements. Remote Computing for Business and Home Users.